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Random from The Art I Love

Art is life... the more art you see, the more alive you'll feel.

- exarobibliologist

Random from Digital Art I Love

"The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly."

- Dimitri Martin


Selfie by MatieKae

Initially, I'd like to thank you for placing this deviation up for Critique. I know it can be hard getting critique on something as per...

The Corner Barn Portrait by peterkopher

Very nice picture. Thanks for giving me the chance to write you a critique on it. At first, I wasn't sure what to write, so I decided t...

Weapons of Choice by ninakuru

First, let me say I love this picture! It is very witty and humorous, and perfect for a deviantID! Unfortunately, I don't know much abo...

"Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots."

- Frank A. Clarke

"To help, to continually help
and share, that is the sum
of all knowledge;
that is the meaning of art."

-Eleonora Duse

Lawyers Can't Draw

What I Give to the Community

Deviations Suggested that Got DD's!!

Marvel's WASP by Benny-Lee Revan and Bastila by Mowseler
Nidalee (LoL): The untamed know no fear by DidsRainfall Tinker Bell by N4miine
Sauron Cosplay (The Lord of the Rings) by CaptainGhostly

So Far I've Given

4 - 3 month Premium subscriptions
6 - 1 month Premium subscriptions

Lots of deviantWEAR!

Dart Box Cap, and Series 1 Emoticon Stress Balls

A couple printed mugs!

Cypher-Neo Mug

Several 10x15 prints!

Lots of cake!

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And over 4950 Llamas!!

It would be more, but everytime I go on a llama-giving spree I hit the spam limit.


Feb 11, 2016
7:31 pm
Feb 11, 2016
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Feb 10, 2016
5:59 am
Feb 8, 2016
8:14 am
Feb 5, 2016
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That moment when you realize you forgot to back up an important file and now it's gone...
#depressed #sad
I've been wanting to write again, and I suddenly realized I have the perfect story waiting to be written.

I am GM'ing a tabletop RPG using the EPIC ruleset. I'm going to write the story my players make during the campaign.
Epic - The Accelerated RPG by exarobibliologist
It has snowed 18 inches since last night in south central Kentucky.
There is a 35-mile long traffic jam just a few miles from my house.

I don't think I'm getting out any time soon.
I destroyed my phone while doing a simple screen replacement. :crying: rvmp 

And now it's snowing! That means the replacement probably won't arrive on time.Flippin' Tables 
I just finished making edits to a huge 500 line Linux BASH script. My fingers are sore from all the typing...


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301+ points = You suggest the contest, and I'll host it with your donation split up into suitable 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Note: It must be subject matter I am familiar with, am willing to spam in my journal, and can judge fairly.

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I'm OCD. The two columns on my deviantART home page must be the same length. 

6 deviants said I'm OCD too. And now I'm changing my widgets around because you made it worse. :lol:
4 deviants said I'm OCD in other areas (Tell me! Let's compare neuroses!)


Sean Murphy
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
LLAMA'S ARE ALWAYS RETURNED!! Just give me a llama, and you'll get one back. Llama for llama!

Hi, I'm exarobibliologist!

My username is a made up word, formed by combining the Greek words exaro ("to dig"), biblia ("to read", "books", "library"), and ology ("person", "one who"). Put it all together, and I am "one who digs good books", or an exarobibliologist.

I've had several usernames in the past. For the longest time (11 years), I was cypher-neo. My original username had nothing to do with the Matrix, and you can only take so many Matrix jokes before...
I changed my username to archaeobibliologist, which I thought meant "I dig good books", but I got my Greek words mixed up...
So I finally changed my username to exarobibliologist.

Let me tell you a little bit about me:
I am normal person with opinions and feelings, just like everyone else. More specifically, I am an INTJ, with an IQ over 180. As an introvert, I'm very awkward socially, but I do my best to smile at all times, and I have an infectious laugh when amused.

I figure I'll never be remembered for doing anything impressively special in life, but I hope to inspire other people, and to be remembered for all the small things I've helped in.

I am addicted to coffee and hot chocolate. I hate weak coffee!

I'm a professional photographer. I shoot engagements, weddings, nature, fashion, models...

I'm a nerd, and I revel in my nerdity. I give wannabe nerds an inferiority complex.

I'm a book nerd! I usually finish a book or 2 (sometimes 3!) a week. Although I respect the continuity of trilogies, and will read them in order, it's not unusual to find me reading 5-6 books at any given time.

I'm also a Linux nerd! I assist on the Linux Mint and Debian Linux IRC channels. I'm usually tweaking something on my computer, or shell scripting.

I feel I'm better at writing stories than poetry, but sometimes I can't think of the words to say to write longer, so then I write verses. I like vividness of subject in both pictures and literature. I enjoy writing parodies on existing songs and poems.

I'm very eclectic in television and movies. Mostly anime, science fiction, and fantasy, but occasionally I do something from another genre.

I was a MN@ for about a year and a half and I enjoyed every minute of it! Volunteering for deviantART is a wonderful experience and I encourage everyone to try it.

I only take critiques well when it's coming from someone who wants to help me improve. I don't respect criticism from people who give decide that an art critique can also include comments about my parenting, or other similar incendiary subjects. I don't mind getting a negative critique; but when you critique me please do it to help me improve. Don't just bash me...

I am fiercely loyal to all of my friends, and I always stand up for my friends and what I believe in. If someone does or says something that I feel is wrong, I'll respond and, I can be a fierce fighter when I'm needed to be. I will help people unreservedly. If you ever need any help, just send me a note and I'll be glad to assist you as far as possible.

I'm an Admin on SeniorSelections. I select artwork to feature in Cosplay, Science Fiction, and Space galleries. Please send me the suggestions you have for those art types. Any art I select to be featured on SeniorSelections I suggest for a DD.

My Geek Box

Version: 3.1

GCS/CM/L/M/S d-(+) s+: a C+++(++++) UBLS*+++>$ P+(++) L+++ E W++ N+(++)
o+(++) !K !w--- O- M- V PS@ PE@ Y++ PGP+++ t++ 5++ X++ R+++ tv+ b++++>$ DI++ D+ G++++ e++ h r+++ z+



I appreciate the llama!
Fri Jan 22, 2016, 9:08 PM
Thanks for the llama. Wonderful art!!
Fri May 8, 2015, 6:10 PM
Thanks for the llama
Fri May 8, 2015, 6:52 AM
Thank you for the llama!
Sat Jan 24, 2015, 12:18 AM
Thanks for the llama badge! Cheers mate!
Fri Dec 5, 2014, 6:56 AM



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