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We're all going to die
We have bitten off more than we can chew
The future doesn't matter
Life is just death in transitu

Some disembark too soon.
Along the proposed subway route
Everyone is lost
Nothing is absolute

Stick alongside men of prestige,
And receive the acknowledgement
So if I travel with great heroes
I will remain confident

While the wheat bends before the reaper
And the darkness brushes against my skin
Hold my hand just for a moment
And comfort me as a dear friend

As you touch my lips
My flesh crumbles at your touch
The sunbeams that seem to pierce the glass
Don't disturb the darkness all that much

The dogs of war shouldn't be forgotten
You must remember me
Still, though we exit with the poets
This is no guarantee...

Don't forget all that has gone before
While my memories reach into your mind
Torn photographs remind you
Of all the lost people left behind

Recognition and awards is part of the pleasure
Until someone forgets...

I will expect nothing...
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November 1, 2004
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