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The Void Stares Back (The Daylight Remix)
Written by Sean Murphy
©Copyright 2005 by Sean Murphy, All Rights Reserved

The darkest moments of my life
Eagerly awaiting the final silence
My dreams melting in my hands
Facing new predicaments

I don't know who I am
All that's been stripped by the blight
I don't where I'm going.
I just know where I am tonight.

You still think I can live happily ever after,
I just don't see how you know
I'm not well over here.
Watching you enjoy life is a torment apropos.

I can't sleep for the stress on me...
You're too far away to reach
I cry in my room, lonely, terrified...
Can you tell me where I am? I beseech

I stare into the void
And the void stares back
I've lost all hope at this lowest point
Everything is painted black

Taste the sky and join me in the wind
Come see the antonym of night…
The morning rays split the clouds apart
Come to save me from my plight

Bring some color into my life
Daylight comes after everything comes to an end
When I can't go on any longer...
Daylight comes to clear away the night again
In the grand tradition of "All's well that ends well" this poem is my latest morbid creation that I tried to infuse some optimism into at the end.

©Copyright 2005, by Sean Murphy. All Rights Reserved

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realromantic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005   Writer
i love it, excellent peice perfect ending :aww:
exarobibliologist Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005  Professional Photographer
Thank you...
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January 11, 2005
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